"Dr. Nakadate and his staff are the best. They helped me walk again. Thank you!"

-Tami D., Bend
"Dr. Dean's wonderful demeanor made a not-so-nice work injury a better experience. I quickly felt confident in his professional skills and he took time to answer questions and explain things."

-Jennifer A., Redmond
"Dr. Nakadate is an excellent doctor. He listened to me and fixed my foot problems. He doesn't treat you like you are a number!"

-Stephanie N., Bend
"I truly feel blessed to have such excellent care."

-Glenda E.
"I have had wonderful care and he's a super doctor" Patricia S., Redmond
"Dr. Nakadate takes time to listen and treat - you never feel like you are rushed. Very caring. You matter!"

-Cyndy T., Bend
"The office is so relaxing and makes you feel at home. Great service. Highly recommend."

-Josie S., Bend
"Dr. Nakadate provides a conservative approach to foot care."

-Rita H., Redmond,

Podiatry is the specialty devoted to treating disorders of the foot and ankle. A podiatric physician and surgeon is the medical specialist of one of the most intricate and complex anatomical structures ever designed - the human foot and ankle.

A podiatrist, or podiatric physician and surgeon, specializes in podiatry. They must first earn a degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine which involves college followed by four years of medical training. Podiatrists must successfully complete training in areas such as dermatology, radiology, physiology, biomechanics, orthopedics, pharmacology, sports medicine, and surgery to name just a few.

The human foot is an engineering feat and complex in its function. However, with any complex design, problems can and do arise. Simple strains, sprains, or fractures are common occurrences. However, infections and tumors can be life-threatening. Numerous disorders first present as just "foot pain" and, after being worked up, can be related to more serious systemic problems.

Through early diagnosis and treatment, our goal is to restore mobility and prevent more serious and costly medical problems from surfacing.

When Should You See a Podiatric Physician?
* Your feet are preventing you from living a comfortable lifestyle or letting you do the things you want to do
* New onset of pain or swelling not responsive to conservative treatments (ice and elevation)
* Signs of an infection (redness, swelling, drainage, pain)
* Concerns with your gait (walking)
* If you need an evaluation for orthotics

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